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HP iPAQ-6325 Summary


Nokia 6600 Menu key Not Working??


My nokia 6600 phone having problem with MENU key.it is deactivated, or when i press it’s not showing any response or keypad tone is not hearing,All other keys are fine but the menu key is not working. plz assist mee. 

What is the problem? any virus or any hardware IC failure or any software missing. Pls tell mee a brief troubleshooting procedure. otherwise i’ll be in trouble 🙁

htc Thunder Bolt


Networks: LTE 700, CDMA EvDO revA 

Operating system: Android™ 2.2 + HTC Sense 

Display: 4.3” WVGA TFT capacitive touch screen 

Camera: 8MP with autofocus, LED Flash (2x LED), 1.3MP front facing camera Memory: 8GB emmc + 768 RAM 

Memory card, preinstalled 32 GB microSD™ 

WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n 

Bluetooth: 2.1 with EDR (3.0 when available) 


Battery: 1400 mAh 

Special features: Dual mics with noise cancellation, Surround sound, Compass sensor, G-Sensor, Proximity sensor, Light sensor, 3.5mm audio jack, MicroUSB, FM radio, LTE SIM slot , TI audio DSP 

Chipset: Qualcomm® MSM8655, 1GHz, Qualcomm MDM9600 


This isn’t your dream phone. It’s the one after that. With instant uploads and downloads, integrated Skype, and more, the HTC ThunderBolt 4G brings you the future, faster.

The first phone with integrated video Skype mobile™. Video Skype to any device, from anywhere – no Wi-Fi required. 

8 megapixels. Ultra-mega-amazing. 8 megapixel flash camera and the power of 4G allow you to create and share like never before. 

4G + HD = infinite possibilities. Record. Share. View. HD video and a hi-res 4.3″ screen means unlimited entertainment. 

Where do I see which maps are installed on C7


Can some one help me , I can’t see which OVI maps are already installed. The nokia website makes me choose my model before I can download maps, but the C7 is not listed. 

Problem with my Nokia 7500 phone


The NOKIA logo showed up when i turn on my phone but after a few seconds the screen when white and then disappear, my phone is simply can’t be turned on… is it software problem or do i have to replace the LCD?? 
Thanks in Advance. 

Updating Nokia Firmware??


How to update the firmware of Nokia mobile phone? 

LG Quantum Review


Up until now if you’ve wanted to go for windows phone 7 you’ve had to ditch the notion of a hardware QWERTY keyboard and go touchscreen. In steps the LG Optimus 7Q, a QWERTY keyboard touting Windows Phone 7 smartphone that promises touch and a hardware keyboard that slides out from underneath. 

How do I unlock my sony ericsson K850i?


How do I unlock my sony ericsson K850i? I want to be able to use my cell phone all over the world. 

iPhone4 alarm problem


I am a iphone 4 happy user but since 01/01/2011 my alarm does not work .. I do not know what to do .. Can someone help me 

Review of Samsung i9000 Galaxy S



Samsung must have been pretty confident in the GALAXY S’s virtues to designate it for a simultaneous launch in 110 countries. Therefore it’s not surprising that the South Korean manufacturer has a wow factor built-in from the start. This phone comes with a huge 4” Super AMOLED display, significantly larger than the only other such screen on the market – the 3.3” one of this phone. This gorgeous window to the phone’s soul is hinged to another novelty from Samsung – the 1GHz Hummingbird heart of the device. It is Samsung’s answer to the Snapdragon cores found in the current cream-of-the-crop handsets.  

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