Contacts on my iPhone 6S plus are unable to receive images and text

I have a serious problem with my iPhone 6S plus, when I send iMassages  or text messages through iMassge to my contacts some time some of my contacts do not receive iMessages and texts even though they can still receive texts from other contacts. Is there any solution my problem­? 

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How to Fix Overheating and Battery issues in iPhone 5S

This morning I received the new iPhone 5S I restored the phone via iCloud backup and reinstalled my apps. It took me 30-40 minutes. Brand new iPhone 5S overheated and battery was dropped down to 40% .  I closed all the apps that were open, locked it, and did put it in to charge. When the battery was at 100% I started using my phone again but same thing happened again, phone was overheated and battery was also down to 40% in 30 minutes. Any reason why this happened? 

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How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating Problem

Hi everyone, am new to Samsung Galaxy S4, I love it. My phone is overheating while I’m playing games, watching videos, using camera or even charging the phone. Is it just me or its happening to other Samsung S4 users as well?  If yes please do share how you have overcome your problem. Thank you in advance. 

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Top 30 BlackBerry Problems and Solutions Part Two

  1. How to increaseavailablememory? 

For older BlackBerry phones available memory is a constant problem, but MemoryBooster can help by removing wasted memory and thus giving more to apps that need to run it. This will speed up your device and make it less prone to crashing. 

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Top 30 Blackberry Problem and Solutions Part One

BlackBerry users love the versatility and mobility that the device brings to their business and personal life, we all know all devices have their issues so do BlackBerries. All new models are a try to weed out the BUGS, but there are several common technical problems that BlackBerry users seem to experience across the board. We’ve picked as many as we could solutions to help you figure out your BlackBerry’s issues before you lose valuable time. 

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How to use QuickOffice on Nokia E7

I have tried to use the Quickoffice package for doing xls spread sheets and have purchased the QUICKOFFICE full version _7.0.39AM. 
The problem is that when I try to put in a function ie:- 
=sum(a1:b2) I get a message that reads “Cannot Accept The Input!” 
I have also tried the drag and drop touch screen function and the same happens. 
However if I import a xls sheet to the E7 with these function it works. But I cannot add or edit the funtion. Any help will be appreciated. The same happened when I used the version 6 that came standard with the E7. 

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