Samsung Galaxy S6 will have 16MP camera

Samsung Galaxy S6  

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming we are very sure about it because of many leaks about it. It’s not clear yet what resolution the phone’s camera will have. 

So far rumors are, it’s going to be 20MP unit or a 16MP one. So which one is it? Well, a new rumor on the matter aims to clear the confusion. 

Apparently Galaxy S6 prototypes with a 20MP camera made by Samsung have been tested, which is why we’ve heard so much about this choice. But, for whatever reason, the Korean company reportedly decided to go with a 16MP Sony-made IMX240 sensor after all. So this will be in the selling Galaxy S6 devices. 

It is in fact the exact same sensor that’s present in the Galaxy Note 4, yet Samsung has allegedly made “considerable tweaks” to the lens and camera software. Although exact details about this haven’t surfaced yet, it’s possible that said improvements targeted low-light photography, because the company’s S6 teasers have hinted at great performance in that area. 

The Galaxy S6 will be revealed on March 1 at MWC in Barcelona. It will probably feature a 5″ or 5.1″ QHD (2,560×1,440) Super AMOLED touchscreen, Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 7420 SoC with an octa-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, along with 4G LTE and all the usual connectivity options. Its battery may only be a 2,600 mAh cell, while the software should be Android 5.0 Lollipop with Samsung’s own UI overlay on top. 


How to transfer e-books to Samsung wave s8500

You can transfer e-book buy using the Samsung wave device software – (Kies)
It is a PC Sync software.
If you have not yet installed the software on your computer, Please click on the below link to installthe software.

Once Kies is installed on the computer. 
Connect the device to the computer. 
On the screen of Kies – You will find MY Computer icon. 
Click on it. 
Go to the file. 
Right click on it. 
Select -> Transfer to device. 

How to set up and use email on the Nokia C7

Follow these simple steps to set-up email on the Nokia C7: 

  • To start the wizard, go to the home screen, scroll to the e-mail wizard, and press the scroll key 
  • Enter your e-mail address and password 
  • If the wizard is not able to configure your e-mail settings automatically, you need to select your e-mail account type and enter the related account setting 
  • If your device contains any additional e- mail clients, those are offered to you when you start the e-mail wizard 

How to send E mail 

  • Select your mailbox and Options > Create email 
  • In the To field, enter the recipient’s e- mail address. If the recipient’s e-mail address can be found in Contacts, start entering the recipient’s name, and select the recipient from the proposed matches 
  • If you want to add several recipients, insert ; to separate the e-mail addresses 
  • Use the Cc field to send a copy to other recipients, or the Bcc field to send a blind copy to recipients 
  • If the Bcc field is not visible, select Options > More > Show Bcc field 
  • In the Subject field, enter the subject of the e-mail 
  • Enter your message in the text area 
  • Select Options and choose from the following: 
    • Add attachment — Add an attachment to the message 
    • Priority — Set the priority of the message 
    • Flag — Flag the message for follow- up 
    • Insert template — Insert text from a template 
    • Add recipient — Add recipients to the message from Contacts 
    • Editing options — Cut, copy, or paste the selected text 
    • Input options — Activate or deactivate predictive text input, or select the writing language 
    • Select Options > Send