The most Blackberry problems can be solved by simply pulling out the battery (for 30-60 seconds) or freeing up some space on temporary memory. You should often (once a week) pull out the battery of your device and also free up space by deleting sample media files and internet cache.

Problem: Your Blackberry gets Hot or Warm 
Solution: You Blackberry may get hot/ warm and temperature of phone may rise. The Blackberry Torch 9800 users are facing this problem more than others. This is most probably because of the reason that you have several applications running on your phone which you may not know. Another reason is that if you have constantly data connection open (like streaming music, app that uses GPS, weather apps, Loopt), your phone will get hot and loose battery fast. 

To see what apps are running, go to Options > Device Application Management (you can also hold the Menu key on left of your trackpad/ rackwheel which brings up everything that is running). Close the unwanted apps by opening the app, click the menu and select close at the end. 

Problem: The Blackberry screen frozen
Solution: This is a problem that can happen to any Blackberry device where the device gets stuck and screen is frozen. There are two ways to fix this problem. You can soft reset your Blackberry by pressing Alt+Cap+Delete keys together. 

If this technique does not solve the problem, you can perform hard reset. Find the Reset button on back the device (which can be near the bottom, under battery cover) and press the button with a pin etc. You do not loose any data using any of these methods. 

Problem: Blackberry Call Logs and Messages get deleted
Solution: If you find out the suddenly your Blackberry’s call logs and saved messaged are deleted and disappeared without any reason, here is solution to the problem. This happens if you have large amount of images, ringtones, games etc and your memory is at or near its capacity. The phone will start deleting oldest call logs and text messages (SMS) entries to free up some space.
To determine the free memory, go to Options > Status which will show you free memory. You can increase free space by deleting some stored stuff on your phone. 

Problem: Blackberry does not send/ receive Emails
Solution: Blackberry Email problem can be due to GPRS services. GPRS is what allows your device to access data. The first thing to do is to perform soft reset and if that does not work perform hard reset (see methods above). 

After that check your wireless antenna signal strength. The antenna should show GPRS. If you can call and browse web that means your GSM service is available. . 

Problem: Blackberry Bluetooth Problem
Solution: If you are trying to send some files, music, photos etc from another device (i.e Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc) to your Blackberry and can not do so via bluetooth, it is because there is a special way to send stuff from another company device to Blackberry. 

  • To transfer the files (MP3, video etc) from another device to BB, follow these steps. 
  • Pair your Blackberry and your other deviceBlackberry 
  • Choose the music files or other media that you want to transfer to your BB from other device 
  • On your Blackberry, open ‘Media’ folder and press menu ‘BB Logos’ and you will see an option ‘receive using Bluetooth’ 
  • From your other phone, send the files to your BB. Already connected, your Blackberry will ask you to accept or refuse transfer 
  • Accept the data transfer and you are done 

Problem: Blackberry Sync problem
Solution: If you have Blackberry sync problem when you try to sync with Microsoft Outlook or calender/ contact sync, follow these steps to get rid of this problem. 

  • Click on ‘Reset Settings’ in Organizer 
  • This will reset your phone’s Calendar, Address Book, Memo Pad and Task to default 
  • You now have to configure Calendar, Address Book, Memo Pad by clicking ‘Configure Setting’ 
  • After completing, you should be ale to sync your Blackberry with Outlook or any other medium. 

Problem: Blackberry Trackpad stopped working?
Solution: This problem is in Blackberry 8520 and other similar devices where trackpad stop working without any reason. To resolve the trackpad problem you should start from updating your firmware to latest version. 

Another thing that worked for many users with this problem is that you should a battery pull. Remember your device should be ON when you pull out battery, wait 30-60 seconds before you replace the battery. This should solve the problem. 

Problem: Blackberry synchronizing problem
Solution: Another Blackberry synchronizing problem is when after synchronizing, email messages deleted from Blackberry are still there or messages deleted from Outlook are not deleted. Same thing can happen with email messages. Blackberry website has complete guide to solve this problem. 

Problem: Trackball stopped working
Solution: This happens mostly with old devices. If your phone’s trackball stopped working that is probably because of dust. You can clean the ball by tuning phone upside down and rolling it on a clean sheet of paper. Alternatively, you can change the damaged trackball with a new one. 

Problem: Backlight or screen delay problem 
 Depending on your mobile phone model, go to Options or Preferences and select Screen/ Keyboard where you can set the backlight settings to your preferences. This should increase screen delay and stop it coming ON too soon. A freeware BBLight makes accessing the backlight settingsmore accessible. 

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