I have Sony Xperia P, am very happy with it but since I have updated it to 4.1.2 I have a serious problem. My phone keeps on redialing my last dialed numbers, sometimes one time and sometimes few times. I have no idea what it happening, can someone here help me please ? 

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  1. xperia

    Nothing is wrong with your Sony Xperia P. Since the update everyone is having same problem. When you dial the number on your phone it takes then 20 to 30 seconds before the dialer initiates the call. That is making everyone impatient. When you will stab at the green button a few more times. Guess what happens after the call is initiated 30 seconds later, when you end that call, the dialer re-dials the number as many times as you stabbed at the button earlier. This is very frustrating but this is what is happening with all the Sony Xperia P and people say the problem is with the android not the Xperia P. So far there is no fix for this problem so we have to wait.


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