1. How to increaseavailablememory? 

For older BlackBerry phones available memory is a constant problem, but MemoryBooster can help by removing wasted memory and thus giving more to apps that need to run it. This will speed up your device and make it less prone to crashing. 

  1. How to reset quickly BlackBerry when memory is low?

QuickPull takes care of resetting without removing the battery cover, but can also be used to schedule a pull each day to ensure that you never run short of memory again. Even better you can set a memory threshold to stop crashes happening as well. 

  1. How to use BlackBerry as a modem?

Tether is by far the best solution for connecting a laptop to a BlackBerry for internet anywhere. It cleverly disguises the fact you are tethering which should keep your service provider at bay and is also very easy to use and set up. 

  1. How to reduce spam

You can control spam on your BlackBerry using Antair Spam Filter which works directly on the device and which also includes integration with your address book. Like all spam filters, it is not perfect, but it is one of the best available. 

Image: antair.tiff  Cut down on mobile spam with Antair Spam Filter 


  1. How to stop messages and appointments from taking up too much memory!

It is easy to choose how long you want to keep messages and appointment for to save memory. In Calendar you can change the amount of days in General Calendar Options and in Messaging you can do the same in General Options. This can have a dramatic effect on memory usage. 

  1. What does Bedside Mode do?

All it does is allow you to view the clock on the main screen without being woken up by new emails or calls. It is a simple feature, but one which effectively turns your BlackBerry into an alarm clock and which offers a one click way to stop the messages interrupting you. 

  1. How to fix Error 507

Error 507 is one of the most feared errors in the BlackBerry universe, but can be easy to fix. Try this- download the latest OS from your operator who should have a version available. Once downloaded you should run it. Now delete vendor.xml from the C: drive on your computer and start BlackBerry DesktopManager. Connect your BlackBerry and you should be able to re-install the OS. Hopefully you already have a recent backup of your data. 

  1. How to stop SMS messages sit in the email app

Well, it is a messaging app designed to deal with all messages, but you can separate SMS messages by going to the options menu in messaging and choosing ‘Main Message List Settings’. Here you can untick the ‘SMS and MMS’ box to keep SMS messages separate in future. 

  1. How to set automatic alarm notifications in Calendar

You can do a lot more than that. Go to the General Calendar Options in Calendar and here you will be able to set a default alarm time, snooze times and all sorts of other small tweaks that can make the Calendar super quick to use. 

  1. 26. How to set reminders for emails

If your BlackBerry uses OS 5.0 you can. Simply highlight an email and click menu to set a flag. You can then adjust the flag properties to set a reminder date. 

  1. How to solve low Memory problem

There are two ways to release memory on older Blackberry’s. Pulling out the battery is a temporary fix, but going to Options/Status/Database sizes to check what is eating up memory is more useful. You can then tweak the settings for each data set accordingly to raise memory levels. 

  1. Reading new emails is tedious.

Reading new emails can be a tiresome process if you receive a lot every day, but an app like Aerize Alerts (www.aerize.com) can smooth the process by displaying all new emails on your home screen for easy reading. You can deal with the emails without ever touching the main messaging app and it also works for new SMS messages. 

  1. How to fixslow web browsing 

Check the options in the browser and see if Java support is enabled. If it is, untick the box and watch your browsing experience speed up immediately. 

  1. My BlackBerry clock is slow!

This problem is rare, but you can resolve it by choosing ‘network time’ in Options/Date/Time. This should ensure a perfectly accurate clock forever more. 



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