How to Solve ‘Memory Full’ issue on Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 memory full issue 

Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, from last few days I’m getting a memory full message. I have deleted everything I can but am still getting same message. I need help please. 


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One thought on “How to Solve ‘Memory Full’ issue on Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. First of all we need to find the possible reason for memory full issue. There could be many reason most common are:


    – Temporary device issue
    – Third-party application problem
    – Memory card is full or almost full
    – Too many apps running or open in the background
    – Insufficient RAM to process request
    – Memory card communication error
    – Available internal memory is not enough to complete requested action


    Best solution so far which has worked in majority of the cases is Hot Reboot:

    Remove the battery from the device for 20 seconds while it is still ON. Wait for a moment then replace the battery and turn the device ON. This should fix your problem. Please do let us know what the outcome was. Good Luck.

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