I have a Samsung wave GT-S8500. When I try to  purchase any thing online. When I Have signed my application with my verisign certificate and when I want to download it by ota I have got this error which I am mentioning it “Certificate error. (Chain does not exist)”.  I’m very upset of this problem, Can someone help me please ? 

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  1. samsung

    Here is step by step Solution to Certificate Error in Samsung Mobiles:

    First you go into the Application manager in your mobile phone after this process you will go to Tools and then after you will go into the setting and then Setting and then Applications and then after back to Application manager. Where you will get some options like software installation which work is online certificate checking and default web address. You have to change these setting which is given as first change software installation to ALL. Please Change Online certificate check and please OFF. This is process and then after this now all software’s should be installed in your mobile phone without any problem or error.


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