Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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How to Fix HTC one microphone problem ?


Hi everyone, 
I am having a serious problem with my new HTC One M8. People having hard time hearing me in calls. They say my voice is much muffled. This problem is independent of location or signal. However, when I place the call on speaker, people can hear me crystal clear. Has anyone else experienced this problem? 

How Can I find a Good Mobile phone insurance Company?


Hi everyone, I need some help to insure my mobile phone, I hope someone will be able to help me to find a cheap mobile phone insurance with a good mobile phone insurance company. Many thanks in advance. 

How to display battery percentage on the status bar in Samsung Galaxy S4?


How to display battery percentage on the status bar in Samsung Galaxy S4? 

How to fix Stopped Gallery app on Samsung Galaxy S4 ?


rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4 few days back. Everything is working fine except the Gallery app. Every time I try to share something from gallery, Gallery app stops working.  Can someone in this forum help me please!! Thank you in advance 

How to Fix if Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery app Not Working


I’ve been having issues with both stock Gallery and Camera apps on my beloved S4. I can’t stay in the gallery app for more than 30 seconds without it freezing. Then I have to hit the home button and kill the app in the task manager. My camera app sometimes will not take a picture when I hit the camera icon to take the pic. To fix this problem very time I have to restart my phone. This doesn’t happen as often, but I’d hate to have it happen when I’d really like to snap a great pic but can’t because the app is acting stupid and not letting me take the picture. 
Please help if anyone else experiencing this same problem or know of any fixes? 

How to remove Gmail account from Huawei Ascend Android Phone ?


Hello , How to remove Gmail account from Huawei Ascend Android Phone ? 

How to Configure the APN Settings on Galaxy S3 Samsung Android phone?


How to Configure the APN Settings on Galaxy S3 Samsung Android phone 

How to stop photo syncing to Facebook on Samsung Galaxy S4


I have serious problem with Facebook on my Samsung S4. It´s very annoying all my pictures which I save on my phone get synced on Facebook. Please please tell me how to stop it ? 

related to an answer for: How to stop iPhone from syncing my Photos to Facebook 

How to stop iPhone from syncing my Photos to Facebook


How to stop iPhone from syncing my Photos to Facebook 

How to Solve Microphone Problem in iPhone 5S


Since purchasing the iPhone 5s I have been experiencing microphone problem. I am constantly being told I sound like I am talking through a pillow when I am yelling into the phone. My software is iOS 7.0.4. I have disabled the noise cancelling feature as well. I have tried everything I could. Anyone any ideas? 

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