How to use nokia lumia 710 without data plan ?

In may my old phone contract will expire that means I can go for a phone upgrade and am considering the Nokia Lumia 710.  Can I use the WiFi on this phone without the data plan? I DO NOT want to start paying for a data plan. I saw in the manual where you turn the WiFi on and off, but will the phone want to force me to use the 4G sometimes?  Most of the places I go have WiFi, but if I walk to the wrong part of the room and lose my signal I don’t want to be paying for per usage on the phone’s 4G.  Any information on this? 

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One thought on “How to use nokia lumia 710 without data plan ?”

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    If you want to purchase the Nokia Lumia 710 and receive a discount for the phone, you would be required to add a Data Plan with the contract as this is a requirement when purchasing a Smartphone at a subsidized cost.

    BUT If you purchase the phone at full retail price, you would not be required to add a Data Package to your account and would be able to use the Wi-Fi function on the device with no problems at all. I hope that this answers your question.

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