Hi all

I am using a computer  with  WINDOWS 7. Just moved to  E7 after my iPhone died, I got quite used to using iTunes and wondered if there is anything like iTunes that could be used with the E7, or can iTtunes be persuaded to interface with the E7. 

Thank you 

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  1. You can get it from Ovi Stores..
    but it is a crappy stores.
    I have used iTunes store a lot as well.
    but Ovi stores can’t let you downlaod the apps and store in HDD.
    It sends the download link to your handset and you will click on the link to
    download directly in your mobile phone. SUPER STUPID and user unfriendly. I can’t
    believe a Finnish company design somethign that is so lousy.
    At least iTunes store like you choose your download and it can store in your HDD,
    then you just perform a synch…Ovi store…TOTALLY useless..

  2. Easiest way is through Nokia Ovi Suite.


    Install Ovi Suite on your computer. You find instructions in your manual how to do it.

    Connect your E7 with your pc with the USB cable that came with your device.

    Ovi Suite opens automatically and recognizes your device.

    In Ovi Suite home page there are four sections as you can see on the attached picture ie contacts, pictures, messages and MUSIC . Select the music section.

    In the next SCREEN select ‘File’ ‘Add file to library’

    Select the mp3 files you have on your pc and you want to copy to your device.

    In Ovi Suite select ‘ all music ‘ and you will find the mp3 file you just copied on the right side of the screen

    Right click on this mp3 file and select ‘ copy to device ‘

    The file is transferred to your Nokia E7.


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