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  1. To use a WLAN connection, you need the following:
    *WLAN must be available in your location.
    *Your device must be connected to the WLAN. Some WLANs are protected, and you need an access key from the service provider to connect to them.
    *An internet access point created for WLAN. Use the access point for applications that need to connect to the internet.

    Use the WLAN wizard to create an access point. The WLAN wizard helps you to connect to a wireless LAN (WLAN) and manage your WLAN connections.
    1. Open WLAN wizard by selecting Menu > Settings > Connectivity and Wireless LAN.
    2. Your device automatically scans for available WLANs and lists them.
    3. From the list, scroll to the desired connection and select Start web browsing.
    *If you select a secured WLAN, you will be asked to enter the relevant password. To connect to a hidden network, you must enter the correct network name (service set identifier, SSID).
    4. To end the active connection, select the connection and Disconnect WLAN.
    Manage WLAN scanning

    In order to find available WLAN networks, you have to enable WLAN scanning in your device.
    To activate WLAN scanning:
    1. Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity.
    2. Select Wireless LAN > Options > Settings.
    3. Set the Show WLAN availability to Yes.


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