Are you or someone that you know having software problems with your phone and don’t know how to fix it or just can’t configure your phone? Do you know someone that can fix it but is far away?

  • Download Teamviewer. The screen sharing program is now available for mobiles phones and tablets.
  • Once downloaded, open Teamviewer and allow it to download the needed add-on
  • It will take you to the PlayStore and open the needed Add-On for your device. (In our case, we used a Huawei tabet)
  • After installing the Add-On, go back to the Teamviewer App and share your ID with your partner
  • Allow access when prompted
  • You can see in notifications once the connection is successful
  • If you open the Teamviewer app whilst a connection is active, you can view the Chat window
  • You can always close the connection by pressing the “X” that is located in the top-right corner of the chat window, and then proceeding by pressing Close when prompted
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