LG ARENA seem to be having some problems playing back music

I have a New LG ARENA and seem to be having some problems playing back music. If I upload some albums into the Sounds folder on the phone using the Mass Storage option they show there. If I then go into My Sounds folder in My Stuff they albums show ok, however when I go to play them it only seems to do so in a very basic way with no control over the music and after the song has finished it stops and does not move onto the next track. 
If I then try to go in using the music player and select album view some of the albums that showed up in the my sounds folder does not show and the ones that do show are all over the place. Several of the albums seem to have been split up and show every individual track as being a different album. 
I don’t really understand what is going on here it seems very strange and never had this problem with any other phone. I have tried a software update but it says it is the latest version. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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