Hi everyone, 
I am having a serious problem with my new HTC One M8. People having hard time hearing me in calls. They say my voice is much muffled. This problem is independent of location or signal. However, when I place the call on speaker, people can hear me crystal clear. Has anyone else experienced this problem? 

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  1. Before doing something else make sure you are not doing any of these:

    1: Placing your finger on the bottom of the phone.

    2: Placing your finger toward the top of the phone.

    Both sometimes cover the microphone, which makes it hard for others to hear.

  2. Thank you very much Jamal for your reply. No, I do not do any of those things you just mentioned. I don´t place my finger on the bottom of the phone or toward the top of the phone.

  3. Ok … have you tried cleaning the microphone of your HTC One with a small brush or a very small needle. If not, please try that because sometimes dust can also cause serious problems.

  4. I just tried to clean the microphone with a needle, also with a very small brush. I also tried to clean it with compressed air. Nothing has worked so far ?

  5. I had to return one because of same problem. I tested the new one on my way out, and it was fine. As soon as I put the screen protector on it wasn’t anymore, so, I took it off, and it was fine again. My advice, if you have screen protector, take the screen protector off and see what happens, it’s magic.

  6. I had the same problem and my HTC One M7 was out of warranty. I searched online and tried many things. Here is what worked or me, I took a piece of tape and blocked noise reduction microphone which is on the back of the HTC One … I hope it will work for you as well as it worked for me. Good luck



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