Thursday, January 21, 2021

How to use nokia lumia 710 without data plan ?

In may my old phone contract will expire that means I can go for a phone upgrade and am considering the Nokia Lumia 710.  Can I use the WiFi on this phone...

How to connect Nokia 701 with WiFi

Recently I have bought Nokia 701 mobile phone and I am facing problem with WIFI in my mobile phone. I am not able to connect my Nokia 701 mobile phone with my wireless network. I...

How To Format Nokia E63 ?

Hello , I hope someone be able to help me to format my Nokia E63 , I have tried every thing I know , please help me ! 

How TO Sync Nokia N8 with Gmail

Can someone on this blog help to sync my Nokia N8 with my Gmail .. many thanks 

How to turn on the Bluetooth wireless feature on Noki Lumia...

How to turn on the Bluetooth wireless feature on Noki Lumia 800 

How To Setup WiFi Connection on Nokia Lumia 800

Can someone help me to setup wifi connection on my Nokia Lumia 800 . Thank you 

cannot turn off my mobile

how i turn off my nokia E7 even it isn't responding to any program 

How To Recover Deleted sms on NOKIA S60 PHONES

SMS DELETED RECOVERY FOR NOKIA S60 PHONES  This would help all people who accidentally deleted an important sms and lost  valuable information. Required utility 1 ). Any system explorer or file explorer program eg. Fexplorer Step 1) Open Fexplorer Step...

How to Format Nokia N95 without security code ?

I want to format my Nokia N95 8gig but i don’t know the security do I go bout it pls help.. 

Service not available” error while connecting internet via WLAN in Nokia...

My Nokia C3 is connected with internet via WLAN but every time I try to use any application like FaceBook or Twitter it says service not available. It used...
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