How To Solve Nokia Lumia 710 connectivity problem with CK 7W car kit ?

My Lumia 710  does not connect to Car Kit CK 7W.Car Kit CK 7W does not connect  or any  other phones, including my  Nokia 701. It will only connect to my old phone to transfer contacts but otherwise won’t . I have to connect my new Lumia 710 , can anyone help here please !! 

How To Fix Nokia Lumia 800 Data Problem

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem setting up mobile internet on my Nokia Lumia 800. I have giffgaf sim, giffgaff sent me a text asking me to enter some code and it will automatically set my data settings. its didnt work at all . I also set all of the network settings manually to exactly what the guide told me to and still its not working. Is there anyting I should be doing to get it working?, calls are working fine, just no internet WiFi is working good though.  Thanks 

How to use nokia lumia 710 without data plan ?

In may my old phone contract will expire that means I can go for a phone upgrade and am considering the Nokia Lumia 710.  Can I use the WiFi on this phone without the data plan? I DO NOT want to start paying for a data plan. I saw in the manual where you turn the WiFi on and off, but will the phone want to force me to use the 4G sometimes?  Most of the places I go have WiFi, but if I walk to the wrong part of the room and lose my signal I don’t want to be paying for per usage on the phone’s 4G.  Any information on this?