Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How to Install Windows Phone 7 Theme on your iPhone 4

MICROSOFT WINDOWS PHONE 7 have introduced a totally new interface which is quite different from traditional interface of APPLE IPHONE and GOOGLE ANDROID operating system. Well for those who admired the...

How to Wirelessly Sync the Outlook Calendar With an iPhone

Google Calendar Sync, a free application, syncs the information in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and your iPhone. This program works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and...

IPhone 4 text message problems

When ever I text somebody I don't receive their messages until 10 minutes later and sometimes later then that. I normally turn my phone off and turn it back on because then I'll...

Apple IPhone 4 V Samsung Wave S5800

vs Samsung Wave S8500 is the first handset with the BADA OS and it will take on the many Android based smart phones along with...

How to Sync iPhone with Outlook Calender 2010

Can someone help me please to sync my iPhone with Outlook Calender 2010 

iPhone4 alarm problem

I am a iphone 4 happy user but since 01/01/2011 my alarm does not work .. I do not know what to do .. Can someone help me 

How to enable Wi-Fi on the iPhone

I bought iPhone last week .. Can someone help me to enable wifi  on my iPhone 

MY iphone goes dead while making a call

I bougt a brand new iphone 4 few days back . its exellent phone but few times when I was talking to someone it went dead no signal at all 

iPhone, No emoticons for text messages, How can i get them??

I have apple 3G iphone, this is weird to know that there are no emoticons and smilyes for text messages. :( How can i get them?? any app?? i would prefer free one. 
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