Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How can I recover deleted text messages on my iPhone 4?

My messages have been deleted and I would very much like to get them back. Can somebody please help me? 

How to remove a Twitter account from iPhone application with iOS...

Please help me how can I remove my Twitter account from my iPhone 4 with iOS 5 

How to Repair a Stuck / not working iPhone 4 /iPhone...

I have tried everything I could find online to fix my iPhone 4 's home button BUT its still not working . its very expensive to get it repaired :(  I hope someone...

How to sync my outlook contacts from my pc to my...

I need to know how to sync my outlook contacts from my pc to my iPhone 4S ? 

How to wipe iPhone 4

I got my new iPhone 4S few days back I want to give my iPhone 4 to my father . I  want to delete every thing from my phone...

How to install TomTom application in free on iPhone 4

I need to know how to install tomtom europe on my iPhone 4 in free ? I hope someone can help me here ? 

what is Gevey SIM hack and how it works to unlock...

Can someone please explain to me what is Gevey SIM hack and how it works to unlock your iPhone 4? 

How To Sync the iPhone with only certain outlook contacts?

I’m using  Outlook 2010. I have “contacts” (that is where all my main numbers are located). I also have another folder that is named “business”. I...

How do I add contacts from one account to another in...

I have 2 accounts (2 different email accounts) in my Outlook 2010.  Each one has a contact list associated with it which was created automatically.  When I put a...
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