How do I import contacts from SIM in an Android phone?

It is not a usual habit anymore as contacts now get saved on cloud services but in case you have found an old SIM or recently moved to a smartphone that you might still have contacts stored on the old SIM card. Below you can find the simple steps that are needed to achieve this and at the same time save them on your Google account for future smartphones or devices.

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How to fix if Support Android market applications are not downloading

I’m Vodafone India customer. I’m using LG GT540. I am unable to download any application from the androidmarket. Though, Google mail is still working in my phone. Error message shown is “Download unsuccessful, Please try later.” Please help me. I am using vodafonemobileconnect as active data profile. I have spoken with Vodafone customer services, and I been told that data profile is active and they have not found any problem. I am quite confused 

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