BlackBerry users love the versatility and mobility that the device brings to their business and personal life, we all know all devices have their issues so do BlackBerries. All new models are a try to weed out the BUGS, but there are several common technical problems that BlackBerry users seem to experience across the board. We’ve picked as many as we could solutions to help you figure out your BlackBerry’s issues before you lose valuable time. 

1.`How to jump to running apps? 

The quickest way is to hold down the menu key to see all running apps no matter where you are. You can then jump to any of them. 

How to copy/paste? 

Hold down the shift key to highlight text using the trackball and then use the menu key to copy or paste as you need to. 

  1. How to type accents?

Hold down a key and roll the trackball / trackpad up or down. A selection will appear to choose from. 

  1. How to enable the speakerphone?

Hold down the currency key (has a speaker symbol on it) during a call and it will be activated. Do the same to turn it off. 

  1. How to deletedesktopemails using my BlackBerry? 

Go to email options / Email Reconciliation and then choose ‘Purge Deleted Items’ in the menu dialogue. 

  1. How do I wipe my data off a BlackBerry?

Go to Settings / Security Options and choose Security Wipe. For older handhelds a ‘Security Wipe’ option is held in the menu dialogue. 

  1. How to get straight to myhome page?

Clicking ‘H’ while in a web page will take you straight back to your browser home page. Like so many other BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts, it is quicker than any other system on the market. 

  1. How do I stop web pages loading?
    If a web page is taking too long, press the escape key to move on to another one.
  2. How can I choose my currency?

Of course you can. Go to Options/Screen/Keyboard and look for the ‘Currency Key’ option. Here you can set your default currency easily. 

  1. Why are symbols so longwinded to use?

They aren’t. You can just hold the ‘sym’ key and tap the corresponding letter to the symbol you require. Once you have used it enough you should be able to do it from memory. 

  1. How to find file manager?

In OS 5.0 there is a file manager built in, but for earlier operating systems go to media and then click Menu / Explore. Here you can check the contents of internal and external memory. 

  1. Why do I need to set ‘Out of Holster’ profiles?

Because it can make silencing your phone much quicker when in meetings etc. Simply holster your phone to have a pre-set profile become active and that’s all you need to do. It is worth spending a couple of minutes setting this up properly. 

  1. How to find contacts quicker?

By far the quickest way to find a contact is to simply start typing their name on the keyboard. You can then choose to contact them in a variety of ways through the menu. 

  1. How to navigate to apps quicker?

An application called QuickLaunch is designed to let you get to specific apps much quicker than via the default BlackBerry interface. It works by using a shortcut key to bring up your most used apps and is super quick to use once you are used to it. 

  1. Themes slow my BlackBerry down

This is quite common and can happen with many complex themes. The best advice is to stick with the default themes for best performance. 


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