Can someone on this forum help me to setup Bluetooh Internet Tethering on the my BlackBerry PlayBook  ? 

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  1. Depending on the wireless service provider, a BlackBerry smartphone or Bluetooth device can be connected to a BlackBerry PlayBook with a Bluetooth connection and be used as a modem to connect to the Internet when the BlackBerry tablet might not otherwise have access to the Internet.

    One BlackBerry smartphone can be used as a modem at a single time. If the BlackBerry smartphone is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, contact the administrator to makesure that the appropriate IT policy is turned on to use this feature.

    Complete the following steps to setup Internet Tethering on the BlackBerry tablet:

    1. From the Home Screen, select the Settings icon.
    2. From the Settings screen, select Internet Tethering.

    Select a device from the list of already paired Bluetooth devices. See the additional information on how to pair a Bluetooth device.


    Now Do any of the following:

    1. Select the Carrier from the list of pre-configured Wireless Service Profiles.
    2. Click on the Add button to create a customer Internet Tethering Profile.
    3. Enter all the required information and select Connect.


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