This evening, I tried to give my 9900 a battery pull. It was very slow  and I figured  I should refresh it  .  When it came back on my BlackBerry was showing me the white screen . I hadn’t installed or deleted any apps in the last week. I have tried what I can I been told I will have to wipe my BlackBerry . Is there any solutionwithout wiping because I do not have any backup ? 

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  1. JVM

    Basically the error message 102 is a .cod file that has been corrupted. Your BlackBerry, being the smart phone that it is (pun intended), refuses to load the corrupted file. To possibly, and I do mean possibly since this option may not always work, you will need JL_Cmder installed on your computer . To download click here. Make sure you install it into the Program Files on your C: drive. Make a mental note of whatever you saved it as since you will need the exact name you gave it), a USB cable and of course your seemingly lifeless BlackBerry.

    Step 1

    Connect your BlackBerry to your computer with the USB cable.

    Step 2



    Run JL_Cmder and select Option #2 – Event Log. It may take a few tries to get the software to open (no clue why, but if someone does know, feel free to enlighten us in the comments below).

    Step 3

    Scroll to the bottom of the log and look for “JVM Error 102.” The line before it should tell you exactly what file is causing the error. It might look something like this. Save/write down the filename somewhere; you will need it later.

    Step 4

    On your computer, go to Start > Run, and type “cmd” then press the enter key.

    Step 5

    Change the directory to the JL_Cmder installation folder by typing the following:

    cd “C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\” and press the enter key. If you named your JL_Cmder anything else (mine is JL_Cmder v1.9.0, here is where you may need to type more into the command like this: cd “C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder v1.9.0\”)

    Step 6

    Type the following command to remove the corrupted file:

    javaloader.exe -u erase -f FILENAME

    Where FILENAME is, type the name of the .cod file I told you to save or write down. Press the enter key.

    Step 7

    Disconnect your phone from your PC and restart it. Presto! Your BlackBerry should boot up like normal and you can then go make a backup in case it happens again.

    Please update us if it works for you . Good luck 🙂

  2. Thank you very much my BlackBerry is fixed now with your help. The only thing I noticed after the reboot was my BBM icon was missing. According to the device the application was still on there but I couldn’t locate it. I reinstalled and everything is back to normal. Thank you again


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