Hi there, I got up as usual at the weekend to find that any tweets that came to my timeline and also any I posted were all an hour ago and not minutes or seconds ago. I know that on Sunday morning the clocks went forward an hour but I dont think this problem is linked since all the tweets came or were posted to twitter an hour, or two hours ago and not minutes etc, ago. How can I fix this please. Thanks. Shirl. Fri 30th March. 

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  1. I also have same problem on my bb 9300 . I tried every thing nothing has worked so far . I think some thing is wrong with bb 9300

  2. Hi Jav, Thanks for your reply. Its really annoying isnt it. I like to see the exact time when the tweets arrive. As it is, the twitter time line might as well not have a clock at all!! I wonder if its worth un-installing the twitter app and then re-installing it? Shirl


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