How to set up and use email on the Nokia C7

Follow these simple steps to set-up email on the Nokia C7: 

  • To start the wizard, go to the home screen, scroll to the e-mail wizard, and press the scroll key 
  • Enter your e-mail address and password 
  • If the wizard is not able to configure your e-mail settings automatically, you need to select your e-mail account type and enter the related account setting 
  • If your device contains any additional e- mail clients, those are offered to you when you start the e-mail wizard 

How to send E mail 

  • Select your mailbox and Options > Create email 
  • In the To field, enter the recipient’s e- mail address. If the recipient’s e-mail address can be found in Contacts, start entering the recipient’s name, and select the recipient from the proposed matches 
  • If you want to add several recipients, insert ; to separate the e-mail addresses 
  • Use the Cc field to send a copy to other recipients, or the Bcc field to send a blind copy to recipients 
  • If the Bcc field is not visible, select Options > More > Show Bcc field 
  • In the Subject field, enter the subject of the e-mail 
  • Enter your message in the text area 
  • Select Options and choose from the following: 
    • Add attachment — Add an attachment to the message 
    • Priority — Set the priority of the message 
    • Flag — Flag the message for follow- up 
    • Insert template — Insert text from a template 
    • Add recipient — Add recipients to the message from Contacts 
    • Editing options — Cut, copy, or paste the selected text 
    • Input options — Activate or deactivate predictive text input, or select the writing language 
    • Select Options > Send 
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How to Remove E Mail Accounts from Samsung Galaxy Tab

Many Samsung Galaxy Tab users may struggle to find the settings to remove email accounts. Whether you want to delete a Gmail, POP3, or IMAP account, we’ve got you covered with the steps below. 

Gmail accounts 

  1. From the home screen, press theMenubutton located below the screen. 
  2. SelectSettings.
  3. ChooseAccounts & sync.
  4. Select the account you wish to remove.
  5. Tap theRemove accountbutton at the bottom of the screen. 

The email account and everything else it may sync with like Contacts or Calendar data will also be deleted. 

POP3 or IMAP accounts setup in the Email app 

  1. Open theEmailapp. 
  2. Press theMenubutton. 
  3. SelectAccounts.
  4. Tap and hold the account you wish to delete for about two seconds.
  5. SelectRemove account.

You’ve completed the steps to remove email accounts from Samsung Galaxy Tab. 

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How to set up wifi connection on Nokia C3

Nokia C3 wifi problem (connect to WLAN but internet not work) 

How to set up wifi connection on Nokia C3 

  1. Menu –> Settings –> Connectivity –> WLAN –> Internet Connection it should be ‘Ask First’. 
  2. Menu –> Internet –> Web Settings –> Configuration Setting it should be set toConfiguration : Personal Config. And Account : My Web 

Now try to connect and every time it will ask you to choose between connection to connect to the network and you can save your GPRS Bill by using Wi-Fi connectivity at home and at Hot Spots.

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How to Install Windows Phone 7 Theme on your iPhone 4

MICROSOFT WINDOWS PHONE 7 have introduced a totally new interface which is quite different from traditional interface of APPLE IPHONE and GOOGLE ANDROID operating system. Well for those who admired the new interface of Windows Phone 7 and do posses an iPhone or iPod touch, they can try out the new JAILBREAK theme, which turns your iPhone’s or iPod touch’s interface to what there is in Windows Phone 7.

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Unable to Access Nokia C7 Phone Memory

When I connect my nokia C7 to the PC under Mass storage, I am able to see two drives in that I am able to access the contents of Mass memory. But it is not the same with Phone memory. Unable to access the memory, Properties show Size as 0 bytes. If I connect under Nokia Ovi Suite, I am able to access both Phone and Mass Memory. But in the case of Phone memory, I am unable to copy any file it to drive it will pop up message box as “Error Copying file” and message as “The selected files could not be copied. There is not enough free space on the device.” even thought there is space of 300MB, properties shows used space as 489MB and Free space as 0 bytes. I tried to overcome this by resetting the phone to factory setting, but it wasn’t successful. Please let me know how to overcome this problem, do I need to make any changes in the setting or it problem with the device. 

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SAMSUNG LBS for Samsung Wave (GT-S8500) mobile phone

This only applies if you own a Samsung Wave (Wave GT-S8500, Wave II GT-S8530, Wave575 GT-S5750 or Wave723 GT-S7230E) mobile phone with a preinstalled copy of the SAMSUNG LBS navigation software. You can check this by looking for the navigation icon on the 2nd page of the main menu of the phone and by launching the application.

How to acquire content using ROUTE 66 Sync? 

Use the free ROUTE 66 Sync PC application to easily manage, update and customise the content on your Samsung Wave (GT-S8500).
To install ROUTE 66 Sync and to acquire content, you have to carry out the following steps: 

Installation steps:

1) Click the link below to start the download. 

2) Save the file on your computer. 

3) After you’ve saved the file on your computer, double-click the file to run it. 

4) Follow the instructions until the wizard completes. 

5) Start ROUTE 66 Sync on your computer. 

6) Connect your phone to your computer with a USB data cable and switch your phone to “Mass storage” mode. You can do this by going to “Menu > Settings > Connectivity > USB” and by subsequently selecting “Mass storage > Set”. 

7) In ROUTE 66 Sync, select “STORE > ROUTE 66 Store”. Identify which products you need and add them to the shopping cart. 

8) When all products are in the shopping cart, select “Checkout”. Enter your credit card details and select “Submit”. 

NB: The content is first downloaded to your computer and then transferred to your phone. 

9) Disconnect your phone from your computer. 

10) Start the navigation application on your phone by selecting “Navigation” in the main menu. 

To download go to: 

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