How to remove Twitter from updating my FaceBook ?

I thought that linking my Twitter and Facebook would be a great idea. Truth be said, it isn’t! infact, its annoying especially when all my retweets, replies,chats and #hashtags get updated on Facebook. First of all, most of the updates don’t make any sense to the Facebook users because the lingo is completely different. Second of all, 15-20 updates in 5 minutes is too much for my facebook friends. I am glad none on my Facebook friends have removed me from their list yet. I wouldn’t blame them for doing so. Can someone help me to remove Twitter from my FB . Thankx in advance 

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How to Sync iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iTunes

When you connect your device to your computer, items automatically sync according to your preferences set in iTunes. You can, for example, enter email addresses of friends and family members on your computer, connect your device to sync, then unplug it and tap a friend’s email address on the touchscreen to email them. 

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