I have iPhone 5 and my husband has iPhone 4s both having trouble with staying connected with Wi-Fi. Before upgrading to iOS 6 my husband’s iPhone 4S was working perfectly, So, I think it’s something to do with iOS 6. Can someone here help ? 

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  1. Most definitely its problem with iOS 6.I have iPhone 5 and my brother has iPhone 4s and ever since io6 we are both having trouble with staying connected

  2. My girl friend was having the same problem. She was getting disconnected from wifi every time when screen got locked . She had to manually join the network again and again. Here is the fix which worked for her. Go to settings, general, reset, reset all settings. It did not erase any data, media or passwords and I am able to leave ask to join networks off. I hope it will work for you as well

  3. software

    My friend had same problem with his iPhone 5. He download the 69.7MB update directly on his iPhone, Settings > General > Software Update. Since the update his iPhone is working perfectly .


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