I bought iPhone last week .. Can someone help me to enable wifi  on my iPhone 

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  1. In order to work (both when registering and dialing), your iPhone will need to make a data connection to the RingFree servers. Wi-Fi, though not always available, of course, is your best choice.

    To enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone:

    1. Go to the Home screen by pressing the Home button or by unlocking your phone.
    2. Touch the settings incon.
    3. Look to the right of the Wi-Fi icon. If a Wi-Fi network is listed, you’re all set. Otherwise, select the Wi-Fi icon.
    4. If Wi-Fi is “OFF”, touch the Wi-Fi toggle to turn on Wi-Fi.
    5. Then select a network (if one is available) from the list that appears on the iPhone.

    When connected via Wi-Fi, you’ll see a striped upside-down triangle to the right of your service provider’s name on the upper-left corner of the iPhone. If there is no network available, you’ll have to use the EDGE network.


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