It is not a usual habit anymore as contacts now get saved on cloud services but in case you have found an old SIM or recently moved to a smartphone that you might still have contacts stored on the old SIM card. Below you can find the simple steps that are needed to achieve this and at the same time save them on your Google account for future smartphones or devices.


  • Open the main menu, or the Apps


  • Select the App for Contacts or, alternatively, open Phone to access Contacts from there as well.
  • Select the side-menu, or the famous 3-dot menu that is located on the top-right corner.
  • Open Settings
  • Choose the option to Import/export contacts
  • Select “Import”
  • Choose the source of contacts, for this case, we chose SIM card.
  • Select your Google account (or Device if you wish to save in the phone memory
  • Check the ALL checkbox (or the contacts that you wish you import). Then select DONE
  • Your chosen contacts will be saved to the location that you have chosen. If you save to your Google account, it will be saved to your phone the next time Google is


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